Campaign for Vaccine Choice, Review

  My brain gives me no peace. Every issue that calls for engagement has many areas to learn about and this issue, this Bill to Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations, has a myriad of layers and connected areas of concern and possible impact. We want to educate and inform. We want people to recognize the nature of the beast, so to speak. Communicating effectively has to be one of our goals and seeing the pattern of response is key. Looking directly at this bill we find present laws in the State of Maine. Many of you have forwarded to me your letters […]

CDC Intends to Issue National Vaccine Mandates

On September 29th,Thomas R. Frieden, head of CDC appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to testify on H1N1 and in a response to a question from Congressman Darrell Issa, said that the CDC would like to create federal mandates forcing vaccination. Issa asked about the “push back” from the New York medical professionals to the states mandate that they receive the H1N1 and seasonal flu shot and the case that the state has for forcing the vaccines. Frieden expressed the opinion that he believed that the state mandate is warranted, and that he thinks such mandates […]

PRESS RELEASE: Maine Legislative Council Excludes Bill to Prevent Forced Vaccination

Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ginger Taylor Tel. 207-729-6757 Email: MAINE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL EXCLUDES BILL TO PREVENT FORCED VACCINATION The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice is disappointed with the members of the Maine Legislative Council who prevented Mainers from securing their right to decline vaccination if they so choose.  Rep. Doug Thomas’ proposed bill to prevent forced vaccination in Maine was stuck down by the Council today, with out discussion, and the MCVC supports Rep Thomas in his appeal the decision at the next meeting on November 5th.  In the mean time, we hope to […]

Maine Legislative Council Excludes Thomas Bill

This morning Maine Legislative Council, which decides which bills will be brought before the legilsature and which will not, voted six to four to exclude the proposed bill by Rep. Doug Thomas that would prevent Mainers from loosing the right to decline a vaccination. The vote was split on party lines.  Rep. Hannah M. Pingree of North Haven, Sen. Elizabeth H. Mitchell of Kennebec Co., Sen. Philip L. Bartlett II of Cumberland Co., Sen. Lisa T. Marrache of Kennebec Co., Rep. John F. Piotti of Unity, and Rep. Seth A. Berry of Bowdoinham voted no on including the measure, Sen. […]

October 15th Legislative Council Meeting

The Legislative Council meeting begins at 10 a.m.on this Thursday, October 15th. Here the tentative schedule and the grouping of the bills. Rep. Thomas’ Bill, An Act To Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations, is labeled LR 2136 and can be located on pg 9 of 29 of the doc titled “lrsbysubject2010”. You will notice that the tentative schedule does not specify the order of the bills or when they will be up. When you enter the State House, go to the 2nd Floor. Walk passed the Governors Office, to the stairs. Go up that flight of stairs. Turn right or left and […]

Maine Informed Consent

Maine Informed Consent is dedicated to preserving the rights of Mainers to choose which vaccines they will receive and which they will decline for themselves and their children. Current Maine law recognizes this right, but currently both vaccine industry and public health officials, have been pressing to make vaccination mandatory, and remove the basic human right of the individual to refuse a medical procedure, through coercive means, including expulsion from school, employment termination, steep fines and even jail time. Additionally, many parents do not know that they have the right to abstain from any single vaccine or vaccination as a whole, […]

A Bill To Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations

Representative Doug Thomas, District 24 – Athens, Charleston, Dexter, Garland, Harmony and Ripley has submitted a bill that would prohibit mandatory vaccinations. It will appear before the Legislative Council on October 15th where the decision to assign it to a committee or to throw it out will be made. If they throw it out there is no discussion about this extremely important issue. The general public is unaware that this bill has been submitted and will have no knowledge of its progress. * People have sovereignty over their own bodies. * Personal health care decisions are part of the current […]

Action Alert!

Notes For Action This campaign’s purpose is first and foremost to get this bill through the Legislative Council. The only way I can see to influence the Council’s decision is to get a magnifying glass on them. NOW: Phase 1: Get this bill of Maine’s into the buzz of the web and into our own neighborhoods. If you are able to make copies of the “Alert”, please do. Pin it up in corner stores, gas stations, Laundromats, Post Offices, Town Offices, Libraries etcIf you are able to make many copies and leave in small stacks in these places even better. […]

Sample Letters to Legislators

SAMPLE LETTER #1: Dear I am contacting you about the bill submitted by Representative Doug Thomas which would prohibit mandatory vaccinations and urge you to vote for this bill to go forward. Maine has 186 legislators to fully represent the people of Maine, yet 10 will get to decide if this bill gets thrown out or is allowed to go forward. The people of Maine need to have an opportunity to be heard on this extremely important issue. Other states are preparing for the removal of our natural rights to control what is put into our own bodies. The legislation […]