Press Release: Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations


Oct. 1, 2009    

Cynthia Rosen

Representative Doug Thomas


AUGUSTA- Representative Doug Thomas, District 24 has submitted a bill that will prohibit mandatory vaccinations. It will appear before the Legislative Council on October 15th. This Council of 10 legislators will decide if this bill will go into the trash can or go forward for serious consideration. The general public is unaware that this bill has been submitted and will have no knowledge of its progress.

People have sovereignty over their own bodies. The H1N1 vaccine has not been thoroughly tested but distribution for mass vaccinations goes forward. The WHO issued this statement: “On the positive side, mass vaccination campaigns can generate significant safety data within a few weeks.” That webpage can be found at Informed Consent requires citizens to have the protections that Representative Thomas’ Bill would codify.

The second legislative session is limited to bills that are governor initiated, budgetary, and carried over from last session, citizens’ initiatives and emergency bills. This is an emergency because the current pandemic threat is now. Governor Baldacci signed a Proclamation declaring a Civil Emergency on Sept. 1st, 2009. 

It is critical that the people of Maine be protected to make their own decisions regarding the care of their own bodies. The people of Maine should be informed that there is a bill submitted that will do just that. Allowing this bill to go forward would give us the opportunity to consider this very important issue; the right of the individual to decide what is injected into their own bodies.

A campaign to support this bill, To Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations, is underway.
For more info, please contact Cynthia Rosen 845-3048,

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