Action Alert!

Notes For Action

This campaign’s purpose is first and foremost to get this bill through the Legislative Council.
The only way I can see to influence the Council’s decision is to get a magnifying glass on them.


Phase 1: Get this bill of Maine’s into the buzz of the web and into our own neighborhoods.
If you are able to make copies of the “Alert”, please do.
Pin it up in corner stores, gas stations, Laundromats, Post Offices, Town Offices, Libraries etc
If you are able to make many copies and leave in small stacks in these places even better.
Forward the e-mail to your own lists, paste up in the blogs and networks you know of

The People need to know and be part of this conversation.

Phase 2: October 1st, Legislative Council Contact List will be disseminated to fill their machines and e-mail boxes

Phase 3: October 7th,.Media Contact List will be disseminated for mass phone and e-mail push.

I don’t want to sound bossy; however, I am going to risk it here.

This is too important.

If you would please let me know what you can do to help, I can keep track of what towns have the info,
and who is doing what. I want to know what has been covered and what needs to be covered.
We have opportunities to Stand Up and to call attention to those who make the laws under which we live;
Directly, in Maine, in Augusta.

The Council Meetings are open to the public, HOWEVER, there is no public response allowed at the meetings.
The only time we have to make the Council know how Maine people feel about this is BEFORE the Council meets.

By the time the Council meets each of the 10 Members should have no doubt that they are being watched,
That their decisions are being watched.

And if they do not allow this bill to go forward?

They will have to explain why the People of Maine should not have a voice in this matter,
Because that will be the result. The People of Maine deserve a thoughtful, thorough discussion about
our rights over our own bodies, over what is injected into our own bodies.

We need to get this bill through the Legislative Council NOW
Then we can focus our efforts on the vote to prohibit mandatory vaccinations:

A vote to protect the People of Maine.

Call me, come to my house, e-mail me….

Cynthia Rosen, 845 -3048 ,

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