The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice is a non-partisan group dedicated to preserving the rights of Mainers to choose which vaccines they will receive and which they will not.

Current Maine law recognizes this right, but health authorities in other states, and at the federal level, have been pressing to make vaccination mandatory and remove the right of the individual to say no through coercive means, including employment termination, steep fines and even jail time.  These efforts must be thwarted as they violate the basic human rights of the individual to decide what will go into his body.

Additionally, many parents do not know that they have the right to abstain from any single vaccine or vaccination as a whole, and unfortunately, on occasion, authorities do not paint an accurate picture of their legal rights in order to coerce them to vaccinate.

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice does not make vaccination recommendations, but instead works to empower individuals to educate themselves on the pros and cons of vaccination, on the latest research and on how to exersize their right to informed consent.

MCVC seeks to work at the state level and in local communities to educate citizens on their right to informed consent, and to preserve the basic human right of Mainers to choose which pharmacuticals they will take and which they will not.

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