The Maine Legislative Council

The Maine Legilsative Council needs to hear from you!

The Legislative Council is scheduled to meet:
•  September 23, 2009
•  October 15, 2009  This is the meeting where determinations on bills will be made.
•  November 5, 2009
•  December 17, 2009
The link to the Legislative Council is: Council.htm

Legislative Council Members:

D Rep. Hannah M. Pingree, Speaker of the House, Chair of the Legislative Council
Address: P. O. Box 243, North Haven, ME 04853
Home Telephone: (207) 867-0966
Business Telephone: (207) 287-1300
Home E-Mail:
State House E-Mail:

D Sen. Elizabeth H. Mitchell, President of the Senate, Vice-chair of the Legislative Council
Address: 277 Cushnoc Rd, Vassalboro, ME  04989
Home Telephone: 622-2629 
State House E-mail:

D Sen. Philip L. Bartlett II, Senate Majority Leader
Address: 141 South St, Gorham, ME  04038
Home Telephone: 839-7827
Business Telephone: 324-4198
State House E-mail:

D Sen. Lisa T. Marrache, Senate Assistant Majority Leader
Address: 109 Silver St, Waterville, ME 04901
Phone Numbers: 861-0154/ 872-0866
State House E-mail:

R Sen. Kevin L. Raye, Senate Republican Leader
Address: 63 Sunset Cove Lane, Perry, ME  04667
Home Telephone: 853-9406
Senate Republican Office: 287-1505/ (800) 423-6900
Home E-mail:

R Sen. Jonathan T. E. Courtney, Senate Assistant Republican Leader
Address: 31 Birchwood Lane, Springvale, ME  04083
Home Telephone: 324-5467
Home E-mail:
Senate E-mail:

D Rep. John F. Piotti, House Majority Leader
Address: 1075 Albion Road, Unity, ME 04988
Home Telephone: (207) 437-2493
Business Telephone: (207) 287-1430
Home E-Mail:
State House E-Mail:

D Rep. Seth A. Berry, House Assistant Majority Leader
Address: 1245 River Road, Bowdoinham, ME 04008
Home Telephone: (207) 737-4149
Business Telephone: (207) 287-1430
Cell Phone: (207) 522-1609
Home E-Mail:
State House E-Mail:

R Rep. Joshua A. Tardy, House Republican Leader
Address: P. O. Box 381, Newport, ME 04953
Home Telephone: (207) 368-4810
Business Telephone: (207) 368-2828
Fax: (207) 368-2822
Home E-Mail:

R Rep. Philip A. Curtis, House Assistant Republican Leader
Address: 93 Blackwell Hill Road, Madison, ME 04950
Home Telephone: (207) 696-3052
Business Telephone: (207) 696-3052
Fax: (207) 696-3052
Home E-Mail:
State House E-Mail:

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