Maine Legislative Council Excludes Thomas Bill

This morning Maine Legislative Council, which decides which bills will be brought before the legilsature and which will not, voted six to four to exclude the proposed bill by Rep. Doug Thomas that would prevent Mainers from loosing the right to decline a vaccination.

The vote was split on party lines.  Rep. Hannah M. Pingree of North Haven, Sen. Elizabeth H. Mitchell of Kennebec Co., Sen. Philip L. Bartlett II of Cumberland Co., Sen. Lisa T. Marrache of Kennebec Co., Rep. John F. Piotti of Unity, and Rep. Seth A. Berry of Bowdoinham voted no on including the measure, Sen. Kevin L. Raye of Washington Co., Sen. Jonathan T. E. Courtney of York Co., Rep. Joshua A. Tardy of Newport, and Rep. Philip A. Curtis of Madison voted yes.

Rep. Doug Thomas has made clear that his is vehemently opposed to forced vaccination and that no government should hold the power to forcably inject anything into their citizens.  We stand with Rep. Thomas and are happy to hear that he will be appealing the decision on November 5th.  We hope that Mainers will contact these legislators and make their voices heard.

No Forced Vaccinations.

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