PRESS RELEASE: Maine Legislative Council Excludes Bill to Prevent Forced Vaccination

Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice


Contact: Ginger Taylor

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The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice is disappointed with the members of the Maine Legislative Council who prevented Mainers from securing their right to decline vaccination if they so choose.  Rep. Doug Thomas’ proposed bill to prevent forced vaccination in Maine was stuck down by the Council today, with out discussion, and the MCVC supports Rep Thomas in his appeal the decision at the next meeting on November 5th.  In the mean time, we hope to educate the members of the council on the need for Mainers to be able to decline any given vaccine, and encourage members of the public to voice their concerns with forced vaccination.

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure and as such, decisions on vaccinating should be made on a case by case basis according to the health needs and risks of the individual.  Your vaccination decisions should be made in your doctor’s office between your and your physician, not in Augusta, Atlanta or Washington by legislators and non-elected officials.

Rep. Thomas will be appearing Monday October 19th at 7:04am on the George Hale and Ric Tyler Show, on WVOM 101.3 and 103.9, to discuss the bill.

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