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My brain gives me no peace. Every issue that calls for engagement has many areas to learn about and this issue, this Bill to Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations, has a myriad of layers and connected areas of concern and possible impact. We want to educate and inform. We want people to recognize the nature of the beast, so to speak. Communicating effectively has to be one of our goals and seeing the pattern of response is key.

Looking directly at this bill we find present laws in the State of Maine. Many of you have forwarded to me your letters with the responses you have received from Legislative Council Members and other legislators. The media list was expanded with the help of Pete Harring from Paint Maine Red. 67 media contacts received the 2 Press Releases sent out in Round 1, before the Council’s decision and Round 2, after the Council’s decision.

5 newspapers, 2 tv stations and 2 radio programs responded directly. The Fort Fairfield Journal has been covering this. 2 of the papers, The Ellsworth American and the Kennebec Journal followed up with phone calls and print. Channel 6 called as well and Channel 5 actually showed up at the hearing. Ray and Ted had Rep. Thomas on their show and Aroostook Watchmen had me as a guest early in this campaign and will have Rep. Thomas as a guest on the 29th. They have spent much time focused on this issue. From what I have been told a small number of papers did print a few letters to the editor that you sent in.

The lady from Channel 6 did not believe that they could force vaccinations and I have no idea if she followed up after that. The Scarborough Leader told me they only report on items that directly affect people in the Scarborough area, as if they are somehow exempt from Augusta or D.C.

Few members of the Council have responded thus far. Hannah Pingree insists our present laws adequately protect us and gave reassurances that nothing is in the works to enforce mandatory vaccinations. Libby Mitchell, a gubernatorial candidate, not only states “This bill is not needed because Mainers already are protected from unnecessary vaccinations,” but also details the vaccines that are mandatory but have ‘opt outs’. Rep. Cleary, the Rep. I had asked if you would send him an e-mail about this responded that he spoke with the “Speaker’s Office and Speaker’s counsel, legal analysts at the Statehouse…They indicate there is no law, plan or executive order authorizing mandatory vaccinations.”

While these are the responses from the lawmakers, one lawmaker tells the truth. Channel 5 reported it. This link will take you to the Channel 5 website where Senator Lisa Marrache, Council Member who voted against vaccine choice, confirms that state officials have the power to mandate vaccines and that the 6 Council Members voted down a bill that would take away that power. Senator Marrache insists that they must have that option just in case.

They have authority to stick a needle in my body and inject me against my will.

Maine has a Health Emergency Statute which seemingly allows an incredible amount of power. Upon the declaration of an extreme public health emergency, the department has the powers to take a person into custody, without a court order, and order prescribed care of that person. Without a court order required who approves that there is reasonable cause to take that person into custody? Where is the oversight? Also, prescribed care is not defined and therefore is wide open to include vaccinations, drugs and quarantine.

So either the other legislators are uninformed or they are complicit and dishonest. Either one is not acceptable. I would think that the leaders of the legislature who decided to throw this in the trash should be informed. And if they are complicit and dishonest, well, that I do not need to elaborate on. Many of the snail mail letters that were sent after the Council’s decision included that information above about Maine’s Health Emergency Law, so they cannot claim ignorance of the law.

What makes any one of them more qualified to decide what should be put into my body, than I? That they are legislators, that they were elected? Anyone of us can run for office and get elected, so it cannot be that. And actually, I believe it is the Governor who has that power or “the director”. HOWEVER, it is the legislators who have the power now to allow this bill forward, to stand up for vaccine choice.

Are the qualifications based on making decisions relying on the experts; the scientists and the CDC, or the WHO? The CDC confirmed on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that the Novel H1N1 vaccine was fast tracked with insufficient testing done yet they stated they believe the vaccine is safe because the methods are the same methods as with the “normal” flu. (They also speak to how the U.S. might address pandemic flu vaccine matters in the future including the instituting federally mandated vaccinations.)


The FDA inserts for the H1N1 vaccine are now available on the FDA’s website. They list possible adverse reactions as do all pharmaceuticals. And through guidance between you and your doctor you get to make your decisions; so long as that right has not been taken.

The WHO honestly stated that it was through mass vaccinations that the safety data would become available.

The ‘experts’ have declared that this ‘pandemic’ warrants this kind of treatment of the vaccine; the approval before substantial testing can be done.

CBS just aired their investigative report that reveals some interesting facts about the way this ‘pandemic’ has been treated by the CDC. They stopped counting incidences, they refused to produce information so CBS had to file under the Freedom of Information Act, and their testing was negligent for such an issue as serious as a pandemic. The government declared a pandemic! President Obama invoked National Emergency powers through his declaration last Friday. Based on what? Go read the CBS report.

The experts apparently are not to be solely relied upon for their dubious expertise. Yet the lawmakers believe they should keep the option of mandatory vaccinations open to them, even if it means that they listen to the experts who approve the use of experimental pharmaceuticals upon the populace. .

So again, what qualifies the government; governor, legislators, Director of Health and Human Services (appointed), to make the decision to inject something into someone else against their wishes? And where are those qualifications established? How can anyone have that authority? The government is not to do to me what I cannot do to them. They are just like us, coming from ‘of the people’ who have been elected to office.

Did you, upon voting for these lawmakers, vote to give up your rights to your body?

Any more letters and calls that get made need to include the facts that our State’s Emergency Health Statute allows for mandatory vaccinations. They can no longer pretend that they do not have that power. It is now common knowledge.

They know we know this

The next few days I am spending beefing out the details to the list of gubernatorial candidates from every party. This is a good litmus test. “Are you, gubernatorial candidate who is running for the highest office of our state, willing to Stand Up for this?” When that list is complete, I will be sending another e-mail asking you to contact some of them to invite them to Stand Up with us.

We need as many bodies on November 5th at the appeal. The Council and the media need to see this. This is no longer an issue that can continue to be only discussed in the comfort of an e-mail. Or decided by these 6 legislators.

Right now please get as many people as you can aware that:

Maine has a law that has given power to the lawmakers to inject you against your will. The Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Senator Marrache confirms this on camera, to Channel 5; that they have this power and they mean to keep this power. That we need as many bodies at that appeal as possible. The rule-makers need to know without a doubt that we DO pay attention to what they do, and that we do care enough to do something about it. That we will no longer stand by and allow them to do whatever the heck they want. That they are NOT invisible. They need to be under the magnifying glass of the people, en mass, with the TV cameras watching.

These ARE the front lines. Right now. They cannot be left to go unopposed. 

Maine Statute supports Marrache’s statement. That statute above defines nothing so therefor is wide open to everything.

You, who are reading this, who have not plugged in yet,


What line needs to be crossed for you to stand up?

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” -Samuel Adams

In Liberty,
Cynthia Joy Rosen

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