The Maine Legislative Council

The Maine Legilsative Council needs to hear from you! The Legislative Council is scheduled to meet:•  September 23, 2009•  October 15, 2009  This is the meeting where determinations on bills will be made.•  November 5, 2009•  December 17, 2009The link to the Legislative Council is: Council.htmLegislative Council Members: D Rep. Hannah M. Pingree, Speaker of the House, Chair of the Legislative CouncilAddress: P. O. Box 243, North Haven, ME 04853Home Telephone: (207) 867-0966Business Telephone: (207) 287-1300Home E-Mail: hannah@pingree.comState House E-Mail: D Sen. Elizabeth H. Mitchell, President of the Senate, Vice-chair of the Legislative Council Address: 277 Cushnoc Rd, […]

Press Release: Prohibit Mandatory Vaccinations

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 1, 2009     Contact:Cynthia Representative Doug PROHIBIT MANDATORY VACCINATIONS AUGUSTA- Representative Doug Thomas, District 24 has submitted a bill that will prohibit mandatory vaccinations. It will appear before the Legislative Council on October 15th. This Council of 10 legislators will decide if this bill will go into the trash can or go forward for serious consideration. The general public is unaware that this bill has been submitted and will have no knowledge of its progress. People have sovereignty over their own bodies. The H1N1 vaccine has not been thoroughly tested but distribution for […]