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Ginger Taylor, Director Ginger Taylor is an author, speaker, digital media producer and activist. She writes on the politics of health freedom, vaccination, autism, informed consent, and both corporate and government corruption. Founding member of the Canary Party and a member of the Executive Leadership Team of HealthChoice.org, Ginger is a former Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adolescent and family therapy and hold a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She began her work on childrens health and parental rights after her son Chandler regressed into autism following his 18 month vaccinations. In 2009 she served […]

Rep. Beth O’Connor Partners with Maine Parents to Introduce LD 1086, An Act to Enact The Maine Vaccine Consumer Protection Program

The Vaccine Divide – The Solution: The Maine Vaccine Choice Coalition opposes The Sanborn and Tucker bills that remove parental rights, insisting that parents are not the problem in the increasing rates of those opting out of the CDC’s vaccine program.  The problem is that the CDC’s vaccine program is broken, and smart parents know it full well.  In turn parents are proposing the creation of a Maine Vaccine Consumer Protection Program which will address the true problems that are destroying trust in vaccination and driving a wedge between educated families and their physicians. LD 1076, An Act to Enact […]

Oppose the Sanborn and Tucker Vaccine Bills That Widen The Vaccine Divide

The Vaccine Divide – The Problem: Health authorities and families are increasingly at odds over the number and timing of vaccines given to children, with authorities pushing families toward the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, and families more often choosing less aggressive vaccine schedules, or no vaccines at all.Vaccine interests have framed the problem as one that is driven by parents lack of education on vaccines, promoting laws that will require parents to go through vaccine counseling before being able to opt out of one or more vaccines that are mandated for school entry.  However, this is at odds with the […]