MCVC Confronts the Portland Press Herald on their Vaccine Coverage

Despite efforts to get the Portland Press Herald to report accurately on the reasons that parents are loosing trust in the National Immunization Program, the paper continues to write articles that promote vaccine industry talking points, and fail to cover the unfolding vaccine scandals.  Today we wrote to them to confront them on their biased coverage. Subject: Will the PPH report on the federal vaccine scandals? Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 15:30:48 -0500 From: Ginger Taylor <> To: Cliff Schechtman <> CC: Joe Lawlor <>, Mike Tipping <>, Steve Greenlee <>, Dieter Bradbury <>, Chelsea Conaboy <>, Rich Levasseur <> […]

Sanborn Vaccine Bill Attacks Mainer’s Religious Rights

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice has learned today that the bill to require Mainers to be counseled by a doctor before they can exercise their right to a philosophical vaccine school exemption will also apply to the religious exemption.  This means that parents religious beliefs will now be subject to a doctor’s oversight.  Parents choosing to opt out of the Chicken pox vaccine for example, which is grown on the MRC-5 cell line derived from aborted fetal tissue, will first have to have a doctor sign off on their religious choice before they can send their child to school. […]

Maine Medical Association authored the bill to remove parental vaccine rights

On February 2nd, in their weekly update, the Maine Medical Association reported that they are the authors of the bill being proposed to require parents to meet with, and be counseled by a physician before they will be allowed to exercise their right to philosophical vaccine exemption and send their child to school. “2015 Measles Outbreak Spreads; Prompts Call for Tougher Immunizations Laws The recent measles outbreak has spread to nearly 100 people the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday.  Most of the cases are traceable to an outbreak at Disneyland and another theme park in Southern […]