Vaccine Safety and Choice Hearings in Maine on May 11th

Where There Is Risk, There Must Be Free Choice.

Monday May 11th the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services of the Maine Legislature will be hearing testimony on three vaccine bills that will significantly impact the freedom and health of Mainers.

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice and her friends will be there in force to walk the halls to educate legislators, hold a rally, and testify before the committee.

We will be opposing:

LD 606, a bill that will remove the philosophical vaccine exemption for Maine students, and for employees of nursery schools and health care facilities

LD 471, a bill that will require parents to receive “vaccine counseling” and receive a signed form by a medical professional before they will be allowed to exercise their right to opt their child out of a vaccine for school

We will be supporting:

LD 1076, a bill to create a vaccine safety office at the Maine CDC

We are pleased to announce that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is scheduled to join us that day in our efforts to shed light on the problems in the vaccine program.

We will begin to gather at 9am between the Cross and Capital Buildings.  ***Hearings in the Joint Committee on Health and Human Services on the bills will begin at 9:30am in Room 209, Cross State Office Building.***

At noon we will hold a rally at the same location.  RFK, Jr. will be our keynote speaker at the event.

Hearings will continue in the afternoon at 1pm.

Please wear red so that we can be easily identifiable as a group.

Please join us in advocating for the rights of parents and individuals to decide what goes into their bodies.

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