Proposed Federal Law to require full CDC vaccine schedule for school entry in all 50 states


Subject: Proposed Federal Law to require full CDC vaccine schedule for school entry in all 50 states
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 20:09:04 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor <>
To: Eric Brakey <>,,,,,,,,,,,,

Senator Brakey, Representative Gattine and members of the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services,

Yesterday our families and our experts worked hard to try to deliver the message that the vaccine program in this country was no longer about improved health outcomes for children, but had become the victim of “agency capture by a rapacious industry” working toward the goal of turning their thirty plus billion dollar per year industry into a hundred billion dollar per year industry before the decade is out. 

Today we learned of a new bill which will get them much of the way there while removing the choice of vaccine requirements for school entry from your hands and from the State of Maine entirely. Frederica Wilson of FL has introduced H.R. 2232, the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015.

This bill will require students attending public schools to receive the entire CDC recommended vaccine schedule, or the State of Maine will no longer be eligible to receive federal education grants.  Needles to say, our community is enraged. 

After trying and failing this year in more than thirty state legislatures to parlay a mild measles outbreak into a massive power and cash grab, the pharmaceutical industry will now simply bypass the states and go straight to Congress to force more Americans to become their customers.

I was going to present the following table to you in the work session on the vaccine bills, but I find it more appropriate to do so now.  Below you will find the full current CDC recommended schedule. I have laid it out next to the vaccine schedule that we had from 1963 to 1988 (minus one dose of the small pox vaccine which was removed in 1973), so that you could see what the liability shield did to the vaccine program.  I present it to you now to show you what Maine’s vaccine requirements for a public or private school education will be if we do not stop this industry juggernaut now.

Keep in mind that there are currently 271 vaccines in the development pipeline, with all patent holders vying for their vaccine to be added to this schedule. 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s brilliant description to you yesterday of a “rapacious” industry that had removed the federal regulators, the courts, and the media between itself and the child, and was now trying to remove the mother as well, apparently did not go far enough.  It is also now trying to remove state legislatures. 

As referenced in our testimony, CDC has already made plans to begin to include adults in the same coercive net in which children are now becoming bound by using the Affordable Care Act and employers to vaccinate adults according to their National Adult Immunization Plan currently being drafted.  This schedule adds 114 doses of vaccines to the list of an individual living the average American life span.  Cradle to grave vaccination.

To emphasize, Americans born into this program, even if not one more dose is added to the schedule, will receive 184 doses of vaccine in their lifetime under this plan.

This is not about preventing the return of polio.

I strongly urge you again to consider what you saw and heard last night.  Parent after parent telling you that the increasingly aggressive vaccine program has become so bloated and one size fits all that the law of diminishing returns has firmly set it and is now ruining the health and functioning of those most genetically and metabolically vulnerable to toxicological injury.  It has even taken some of our children’s lives.  We named our political movement “The Canary Party” for a reason.  We wanted our politicians to understand that if we did not pay close attention to the fact that our little ones had stopped singing, and reign in this chemical assault on the American population, that their numbers would simply grow and their fate would eventually become the fate of the majority. 

It is very, very difficult watching this happen in real time and not be able to stop it.  I am at your disposal for the entire month of May so that I may be of assistance to you in setting state health policy that is based on sound data and works toward overall health improvement, rather than pharmaceutical product uptake goals.

Ginger Taylor, MS
Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice


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