Rep. Ralph Tucker Introduces Bill to Violate Mainers Right to Informed Consent in Vaccination, and Deprive Some Maine Children of their Right to an Education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

November 19, 2018,, 207-200-8469

Rep. Ralph Tucker Introduces Bill to Violate Mainers Right to Informed Consent in Vaccination, and Deprive Some Maine Children of their Right to an Education

Brunswick, Maine – Representative Ralph Tucker (D-Brunswick) has announced the submission of his bill to the Maine Legislature to restrict and remove the rights of parents to exercise their religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for school entry in Maine. The bill will bar some children from Maine schools, denying their right to a public education. He expects significant support from the now Democratic majority in the House, Senate and from Governor-elect Janet Mills.

Tucker said concerning the as of yet unreleased bill that, “eliminating or limiting non-medical exemptions for school-required vaccines will be one of his top priorities with Mills in office.”

I’ve already submitted a bill,” Tucker said. “I think vaccines are very important, and I’m going to push this issue as hard as I can.”

Mills said she agrees with Tucker and others but is not completely familiar with the legislation he is proposing. ”

As it did when these attempts were made in 2015, The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice (MCVC) is organizing at the grassroots level to maintain the 1st Amendment rights of families to practice their religion, the rights of children to an education, the rights of families to adhere to their conscience without coercion, and the internationally established human right to informed consent in medicine.

MCVC consists of over 1200 Maine families for whom choice in what goes into their bodies is important, and health care professionals such as nurses, physicians, and pharmacists who are vaccine risk aware. Many members have children who have suffered a serious adverse vaccine reaction that was either denied or left untreated by their health care provider.

“For years parents, lead by mothers, have attempted to address the serious safety concerns and policy problems in the Maine Immunization Program, including the lack of education that Maine pediatricians receive on federal guidelines for vaccine safety and vaccine injury. Unfortunately efforts have been met repeatedly with stonewalling by the Maine DHHS and the Maine medical industry, who offer only bad faith responses ranging from apathy to contempt, if they respond at all,” said Ginger Taylor, M.S., the Coalition’s Director. “Mothers educated on Vaccine Manufacturer and Federal DHHS information on vaccine injury, that their own doctors have never seen, are tired of being treated by their pediatricians as if they are stupid and crazy. Why should such women want to do business with an industry that engages in the gaslighting of women as a matter of policy? It appears that this paternalistic effort will again be to throw their children out of school, rather than fixing the broken vaccine program, or even holding ONE public meeting to hear and address parental concerns.”

Please join the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice today, and register for our mailing list, to be informed on how you can work to improve vaccine safety policy in Maine, to protect your right to bodily integrity, to choose the medical products that you and your children will take, and to end the bullying of parents that is taking place in Maine pediatricians offices.



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