Questions for the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

  Subject: Vaccine questions for the AAP Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 16:17:03 -0400 From: Ginger Taylor <> To: Dee Kerry deHaas <> CC: Albert, Kenneth <>, Holly Lusk <>, Beth O’Connor <>, Eric Brakey <> Ms. deHaas, The Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is currently supporting LD 471, a measure that would require parents to have a counseling session with a health care provider, and obtain written confirmation of the session with the health care provider’s signature, and file the form with the school system, before a child would be allowed to access their free and […]

Questions for the Maine Immunization Program

Subject: VICP link on the DHHS web siteDate: Mon, 25 May 2015 11:02:49 -0400From: Ginger Taylor <>To: Tonya Philbrick <>CC: withheldMs. Philbrick, As you know on Friday, the Health Committee voted unanimously to pass LD 1076, which would, in its current form, add the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to the Maine DHHS web site.Today I was on the Vax Maine Kids fb page and noted that they mentioned the vote . Then Shawn Box noted that it had already been added to the web site, commenting, “Hows that for responsiveness?” So I went to the page in question and could […]

Maine Doctors Submit Testimony Showing That They Are Not Qualified to Advise Patients on Vaccination

The MMA, the Maine AAP and more than a dozen medical entities in Maine have asked the Maine Legislature to compel families to receive vaccine counseling from them before they would be allowed to opt out of a vaccine.  However, in their testimony on LD 1076 they have shown the legislature that they are not qualified to offer families such counseling.If a medical professtional does not know the contraindications and potential adverse outcomes of a medical product, he is not qualified to administer it to his patients, nor is he qualified advise his patients on such a product.Submitted to the […]

Proposed Federal Law to require full CDC vaccine schedule for school entry in all 50 states

  Subject: Proposed Federal Law to require full CDC vaccine schedule for school entry in all 50 states Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 20:09:04 -0400 From: Ginger Taylor <> To: Eric Brakey <>,,,,,,,,,,,, Senator Brakey, Representative Gattine and members of the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services, Yesterday our families and our experts worked hard to try to deliver the message that the vaccine program in this country was no longer about improved health outcomes for children, but had become the victim of “agency capture by […]

Press Release: RFK, Jr. and National Vaccine Experts to Inform the Maine Legislature on Vaccine Issues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ginger Taylor 207-200-8469 May 6, 2015   RFK, Jr. and National Vaccine Experts to Inform the Maine Legislature on Vaccine Issues AUGUSTA, ME – More than a dozen states have introduced bills that remove the rights of parents to make informed consent decisions regarding vaccination and still send their children to school. These bills have died in all states except for California, Vermont and Maine. On Monday, May 11th the focus on vaccine choice will turn to Maine as the Joint Committee on Health and Human services will hear three bills on vaccination. LD 606 would […]

The Maine Medical Association’s Distressing Advertising In Favor of Mandatory Vaccination

Our letter to the Maine Medical Association on their upsetting ad that dismisses the risk of adverse vaccine reactions to zero by compairing vaccines to car seats:   Subject: Vaccine Safety and Vaccine ChoiceDate: Wed, 06 May 2015 12:40:51 -0400From: Ginger Taylor <>To: Lisa Ryan <> Dear Dr. Ryan, By way of introduction, my name is Ginger Taylor, and I am the director of the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice.  I am writing today to express distress over the current ad being run by the Maine Medical Association, and to invite you to join with our coalition to work to […]

Vaccine Safety and Choice Hearings in Maine on May 11th

Where There Is Risk, There Must Be Free Choice. Monday May 11th the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services of the Maine Legislature will be hearing testimony on three vaccine bills that will significantly impact the freedom and health of Mainers. The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice and her friends will be there in force to walk the halls to educate legislators, hold a rally, and testify before the committee. We will be opposing: LD 606, a bill that will remove the philosophical vaccine exemption for Maine students, and for employees of nursery schools and health care facilities […]

WGME Town Hall Vaccine Debate

By Ginger Taylor This week in Maine an unprecedented event occurred. A mainstream media outlet hosted an extended, live debate on vaccines, invited a balanced panel and a balanced audience, let the audience questions drive the debate, and in no way biased or edited the final product. This bold media outlet, CBS affiliate WGME in Portland, Maine, along with their media partner the Bangor Daily News, hosted this as a part of a national Town Hall event series. The panelists were former pediatrician and current Medical Director for MaineCare Kevin Flanigan, MD, MBA, former pediatrician and Vice President for Clinical […]

MCVC Statement on the Measles Outbreak

The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice believes that Mainers should take their vaccine choices as seriously as they would when considering any other prescription drug, as vaccines can result in serious adverse outcomes for some individuals. Because of the current measles outbreak, members of the public are being urged to take Merck’s MMR II vaccine. MCVC would like to encourage individuals evaluating whether or not to take the MMR, or allow it to be delivered to their children, to consider the following: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that there are currently no measles cases in New […]

MCVC Confronts the Portland Press Herald on their Vaccine Coverage

Despite efforts to get the Portland Press Herald to report accurately on the reasons that parents are loosing trust in the National Immunization Program, the paper continues to write articles that promote vaccine industry talking points, and fail to cover the unfolding vaccine scandals.  Today we wrote to them to confront them on their biased coverage. Subject: Will the PPH report on the federal vaccine scandals? Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 15:30:48 -0500 From: Ginger Taylor <> To: Cliff Schechtman <> CC: Joe Lawlor <>, Mike Tipping <>, Steve Greenlee <>, Dieter Bradbury <>, Chelsea Conaboy <>, Rich Levasseur <> […]